Tenene ~

2:11 AM
Assalamualaikum ~
Da lame xupdate blog ni mmg da lebih dari bersawang lah . Since my semester breaks already starts a few days ago , so tonight , here I am , updating my precious blog :D
But wait , I don't know what to share with u guys actually . Give me five seconds and let me think ...

And I end up being 

they says over thinking is not good because 

and some say

so what I supposed to do ? Stop being an overthinker I guess :)

Oh , how I wish I can play guitar 

*caption tiada kaitan dgn gambar diatas . Harap Maklum :)*
Good Night guys :*

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Pak Cik !!

1:25 AM
I don't regret a thing
that I met you ,
that I fell in love with you .
If I were to meet you again ,
even knowing such sadness awaits me ,
I'd definitely fall in love with you again 

People says there's an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet , regardless of times , place , or circumstance . The thread may stretch or tangle , but will never break . :)

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I love you Umi :)

1:29 AM
Assalamualaikum Umi ,
this is specially for you ,
Umi , yuyu rndu Umi sgt2 , Selamat Hari Ibu :)
xpernah sempat pon yuyu nk smbut hari ibu ngan Umi tp xpe , yuyu akan slalu doakan Umi .
Umi , you are my everything , without you i am nothing .
Thanks for everything Umi  :)
yuyu mntk maaf Umi cbb xdpt straight spm . mntk maaf sgt2 :'(
nnt dkt U I'll do the best eh Umi .
Umi , I miss you , I love you , I need you and I promise that I'll be strong no matter what :)
I'll pray for you , and I'll try to be a good daughter , a very3 good one .
only Allah s.w.t knows how much I love you Umi <3 <3

May Allah s.w.t bless you Umi , semoga Umi ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yg beriman .
Al-Fatihah .
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1:22 AM
assalamualaikum :)

suda lama xupdate blog XD
tp aq rse KOSONG . hmm
mgkin aq terlalu rindukan DIA ..

Ya Allah , ampunkan dosa-dosa dia , tempatkn dia di kalangan orang2 yang beriman .
Amin .

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things to do

3:34 AM
First , 
Dream a little because dreams make life worth living :)

then , 
Make a wish , someone might just  hear you 

After that , 
Believe in yourself , believe that you are made for GREATNESS

Next ,
Learn to forgive  and to forget

Furthermore ,
Make others smile , their smiles are unspoken blessings :D

Finally ,
 Show some love , love is all that you live for <3<3<3

last but not least 
i love this pic ~ hehe XD

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what to do =.='

2:05 AM


You have been selected for the interview as follows:

Date                : 14 DECEMBER 2011
Venue             :  Akademi laut Malaysia (Kampus Terengganu) Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS, Lot 9764 Mukim Batu Rakit, 21020 Kuala Terengganu
Time               :  7.45 am
Dress Code    :  Long sleeve shirt with neck-tie (for male) and proper attire (for female). Jeans and slippers/sandals not allowed.

Please bring the following documents for the interview (original & photocopy):

  1. Malaysian Identity Card
  2. Trial SPM results (original slip provided by school)
  3. Passport Size Photograph (2 copies)
  4. Scientific Calculator (for the Written Entrance Test). Please bring a black ink pen for the test and stationeries’.
  5. Any relevant certificates/testimonials to support your application
  6. RM90 for processing administrative fee. Postal Order payable to Malaysian. Maritime Academy Sdn. Bhd. 

Attached is the process flow of the interview. Please read the flow carefully and be ready at the venue on time. Late-comers will not be entertained.

Please be advised that all travelling costs incurred for attending the interview will be borne by the candidates.

Thank you.


07.45AM                                 Registration.
                                                                You height and weight will be taken to verify your BMI (Body Mass Index), followed by the color blindness test.
                                                If your BMI is not within the range of 18.5-24.9 and/or you are found to be color blind, you will be disqualified from attending the interview.

09.00AM – 10.45AM               Briefing on the Maritime career opportunities

10.45AM – 12.15PM               Written Entrance Test (English, Mathematics and Physics)

01.15PM                                 Announcement of Written Entrance Test results
If you fail the Written Entrance Test, you will be disqualified from attending the psychometric test and the interview assessment.

01.45PM – 06.30PM               Psychometric Test and Assessment

(~^0^)~ I am very very very very very very happy when i got this email ! But , what should I do ? how can I tell him about this ? would he allowed me to attend this interview ? will he agree if i want to be a marine engineer  ?OMG , how am i going to tell him .. haih =.=' . seriously , i don't know what to do . crap . should i told him about this or should i let him find out by himself or should i wait for the letter and show it to him or or or huh , i don't know what to do . Ya Allah , please help me  . 

Btw , if u are in this situation , what will u do ? =.='
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