pray for my success .

4:18 PM
there's only 6 more day left :( OMG ! what i have to do .. 

let me tell u a story , one day when there was only 12 days left , i felt so stress and depressed . i don't know what to do n i began to cry . when i sat alone , i realized that there were many things that i don't study yet .. at that time i felt like giving up , i need something inspiring ! so , i asked my dearest friends to write for me :) some of them had wrote it , some booked to write n there was one person that called me . thank u , i really appreciate that (T_T) *terharu* 

please pray for my success , 10A+ SPM 2011 .

whatever it is , i will finish what i had started . i will . i believe in myself the way they believe in me . its never too late for a change right ?
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