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I love you Umi :)

1:29 AM
Assalamualaikum Umi ,
this is specially for you ,
Umi , yuyu rndu Umi sgt2 , Selamat Hari Ibu :)
xpernah sempat pon yuyu nk smbut hari ibu ngan Umi tp xpe , yuyu akan slalu doakan Umi .
Umi , you are my everything , without you i am nothing .
Thanks for everything Umi  :)
yuyu mntk maaf Umi cbb xdpt straight spm . mntk maaf sgt2 :'(
nnt dkt U I'll do the best eh Umi .
Umi , I miss you , I love you , I need you and I promise that I'll be strong no matter what :)
I'll pray for you , and I'll try to be a good daughter , a very3 good one .
only Allah s.w.t knows how much I love you Umi <3 <3

May Allah s.w.t bless you Umi , semoga Umi ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yg beriman .
Al-Fatihah .
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1:22 AM
assalamualaikum :)

suda lama xupdate blog XD
tp aq rse KOSONG . hmm
mgkin aq terlalu rindukan DIA ..

Ya Allah , ampunkan dosa-dosa dia , tempatkn dia di kalangan orang2 yang beriman .
Amin .

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