NO one but YOU .

There's nowhere to wander
where I won't think
about all the loving thoughts I have
that bring me to the brink
of shouting to this world I'm in

how much I'm in love with you.
But then I stop and think
what good will all the shouting do?
The only one that should hear it
should be no one but you.

There's nowhere to wander
where I will never feel
lost within my inner self
that doesn't know how to heal.
All the hurting that's a part of me
is all because of you
Then I stop and really feel

that nothing good can come from this
'cause you'll never know how much I miss being with you.
There is no one but you.

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone ,
and a day to love someone ,
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone .

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aduyai..tertouching la bukan lirik lagu ke..emmm...lagu ape yek...

ini luahan hati namenye
huhu....emm i try to understand..
baru clash ke ape ni

take a second to play eyes .hehe

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